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75 percent after Standard Poor upgraded its rating by one notch

Jobs data on Friday pushed back the prospect of a Federal Reserve rate increase to early 2016.have been scaling down quite drastically expectations of a rate hike happening this year, and that is supporting risk appetite and stock markets, SEB head of fixed income research Jussi Hiljanen said.Lower rated euro zone debt is also benefiting from expectations the European Central Bank will soon expand its trillion euro bond buying programme to stoke inflation.Recent election results have been supportive for southern euro zone markets. Greece vote two weeks ago did not yield a hung parliament as many had expected, while a vote in the Spanish region of Catalonia on Sept. 27 did not give pro independence parties a clear mandate.Spain 10 year yields touched a five month low of 1.75 percent after Standard Poor upgraded its rating by one notch to BBB+, citing a strengthening economy and solid labour reforms.

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