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Abbott plans to focus the branded generics business on about 14

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canada goose outlet store Abbott Laboratories’ global headquarters in Abbott Park, Illinois is seen in an undated handout photo.Abbott plans to focus the branded generics business on about 14 or 15 fast growing countries in emerging markets.all geographies are alike, and some are not particular focuses for us, Chief Executive Officer Miles canada goose store White said during a conference call with investors. White said the company was still looking at other transactions.While the Latin American pharmaceuticals market has been attractive to big drugmakers, there are few other big opportunities like CFR because most companies are small, family owned businesses. Earlier this month, Canada Goose online Casa Saba sold its Chilean health retail arm, Farmacias Ahumada, to Britain Alliance Boots for $638 million.Abbott will buy about 73 percent of publicly traded CFR from a holding company controlled by the Weinstein family, which founded the company in the 1920s canada goose outlet store.