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Bob was able to talk with Flexica and Repladies mods for our

Maybe with more education? A co op student I mentored got an offer for almost double my wage just before graduating with a Master in CS, so maybe I should go for a Masters or a PhD?I received a lot of useful advice here when I was a mid level engineer!The reason there is far less mid level content than junior level content is very easy to explain. Most Junior engineer questions are easier to answer; and pretty much anyone (from Jr to Sr) might potentially have useful advice or experiences to share.Mid level career questions greatly shrink the number of people who have as much or more experience than you. Afterall, a Junior Engineer is rarely qualified or experienced enough to give advice to a Mid level Engineer.Taking it a step further, Senior Engineers have an even smaller pool of people who have the experience to answer Sr level questions, since you probably don want advice form Jrs, and Mid engineers with far less experience than you..

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