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Eventually though, friction takes it toll, and the velocity

My credit card info were saved in game but luckily the guy didn buy anything.Also, the dude went in STW pve mode and took my daily reward, received my daily research points and played a few games in story mode.Enabled two factor authentication asap and changed my Canada Goose Outlet mail and account logs.I have yet to receive an answer from Epic about the skin that was refunded against my willIcedguardian 1 point submitted 1 month agoI hate to be “that guy” but I imagine with how heavily they advertised 2 factor authentication in the daily splash screen for a while, as well as the occasional loading screen reminding people to stay away from scam sites and to enable 2 factor authentication, they likely say “Thank you for contacting Epic Support! We have reviewed your case and have concluded you should enabled 2 factor authentication. We are unable to take any further action for this matter. Sincerely, Epic.”.

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