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If you’re hunting for some brilliant Mockingjay bird sewing

Slowly convinced by her increasingly uncharacteristic actions that deserves a chance to show how much she has changed, the Doctor convinces Bill and Nardole to allow him to release and test her in a real life and death situation. Unfortunately for everyone, the Doctor selects a distress call from a giant colony ship caught in the event horizon of a black hole that has dangerous consequences for and the TARDIS crew. Face to face with a new breed of Mondasian Cybermen, the Doctor and his companions discovered that one of the passengers, known simply as was actually former incarnation the Master in disguise! United with, the two Masters joined forces to assist the rise of the Cybermen and bring the Doctor down once and for all! The web link Master was as nefarious as ever, but soon it became clear that time in the vault had not been entirely wasted.

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