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In other words, GE will have less firepower to pay back debt

By getting rid of GE Transportation, the credit ratings firm estimates that GE will lose out on $450 million in annual hermes replica free cash flow at a time when the company is badly hurting for cash.In other words, GE will have less firepower to pay back debt.Related: GE can’t get rid of its light bulb businessAnd the tax free structure of the rail deal limits the amount of cash that GE can use to pay down debt.GE valued the complex deal at about $11 billion but most of that is in the form of stock going directly to shareholders. GE is initially only receiving $2.9 billion in cash in addition to a 9.9% stake in the combined company. All told, Moody’s says GE will get about $5.4 billion for the rail division.”We doubt that it will move the needle too much,” RBC analyst Deane Dray wrote to clients.Another problem: GE is still on the hook for the rail division’s pension and retiree health liabilities.

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