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The arrows on the map below are scaled to the amount of the

It will never end up in a court of law.”Greer did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.She spoke at the festival to promote herupcoming booktitledOn Rape, which she wrote in response to the recentMe Toomovement.Her speech at the Hay festival was similarly controversial.Greer, a survivor of rape herself, did recognize that law enforcement has historically failed victims of sexual assault.”Once upon a time you were expected to show up with your clothing torn, your hair disheveled and complain that you have been attacked by a man. And people would judge by your injuries whether you were telling the truth,” she said.She added that sexual assault and rape are so common in our culture because the justice system doesn’t know how to prosecute these types of crimes. But while it’s true that many legal systems are wildly problematic in their approach to sexually violent crimes, Greer offered a rather bizarre alternative.”If we are going to say trust us, believe us, if we do say that our accusation should stand as evidence, then we do have to reduce the tariff for rape,” she said.

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