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The women game today is entertaining (which a sport must be to

it was wholesome to some extent

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Hermes Kelly Replica 3 points submitted 2 days agoPeople who have actually watched women cricket down the years are not their words by any means. Even about a decade ago athleticism was rare the best replica bags in the women game; the ladies lacked power and bowling not to mention fielding, was a joke.The criticism was justified because you could see the difference in level from female sportspersons in other sports, for example tennis. Female cricketers were not the best representatives best hermes evelyne replica of female sportspersons.The women game today is entertaining (which a sport must be to be commercially viable) and a genuine exhibition of skill, power and athleticism (which a sport must have to be taken seriously).I didn criticise women cricket then misogyny and I don watch women cricket today woke ally The sport just makes for more worthwhile watching now. Hermes Kelly Replica

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